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Hire a Dependable Plumber in Orange County for Drain Services

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Or worse, "Not again!!!"

This is the first thing that comes to our minds when we have a stoppage or clogged drain. The next thing to consider is who you are going to call to get fast, affordable service. We are sure you want a company that isn’t going to leave more of a mess than the stoppage has already made. For service solutions you can depend on, make the call to Professional Plumbing, Inc. for the following drain repair services in Orange County, CA:

The Right Snake to Clear the Stoppage

Each truck is equipped at least 4 different snakes and cables that can be used to handle the different types of drain stoppages.

The smaller Closet Auger will be used to clear toilet stoppages.

Pistol Grip 1/4" cables are used to clear tub drain stoppages, bathroom sink drain stoppages, and clogged shower drains.

The Spartan 100, 1/2" cable machine is the Cadillac of drain machines, with an enclosed cable to prevent spraying dirty water everywhere as it is spinning. This drain clearing machine is used for stoppages and clogs either through a 2" clean out like in a kitchen sink or by pulling out the trap and clearing the drain through the trap arm.

The largest, the Spartan 300, used for main drains requires an access point into the drain with a 3" or larger opening. Great for whole house stoppages, it clears drains with root problems and is used for mainline drain maintenance.

Video Inspection

Are you having the same recurring drainage problems and are tired of spending money clearing it? Are you purchasing a home and want to know the condition of the drainage system?

We have the most advanced Sewer and Drain line Video inspection technology. We have many different size cameras that are used in different situations or drain pipe sizes. We have large cameras to use on main lines up to 300 feet long, smaller ones to can go down smaller drains and cameras we can put down your shower or kitchen sink drain. We also have inspection cameras that allow us to inspect the outside of the pipes or check for leaks without having to cut a big hole in the drywall.

Sewer Locating

Whether you are adding to your home and need to know where the sewer line tie-in is located, are doing a TI (Tenant Improvement) in a commercial property or have an older home with cast iron lines that need the advanced locating technology, we have it. And at no additional cost to you.

Our experienced plumbers are equipped with the best technology so they can locate your sewer line or drain line exactly. In our many years of locating we haven't been off by more than 2-3 inches on a sewer line location on depths of up to 8 feet.

Because our equipment also has video inspection capabilities we can see inside your sewer line as we are locating it. We do a complete inspection of the sewer or drain line up to the point you want or need to be located.

Sewer Lines Repairs

We recommend having your sewer line video inspected to see exactly what the problem is, and locate the exact spot or spots that are a problem before making your decision.

What are my options for a Sewer Repair?

Option One: Dig up the Entire Sewer Line and Replace it.
One option is to replace it all with new pipe. This is, of course, the most radical option because you are digging up the entire length of the sewer line. But it is also the best repair because we can get rid of all the old out of date pipe, installing a new 2-way cleanout and making sure we have the proper grade so the pipe drains properly and doesn't have any spots for the solids to get caught in.

Option Two: Dig up Only Part of the Sewer Line and Repair it.
If you have had us complete the recommended sewer line video inspected and/or location service, you have located the problem area and now we can dig up only what is necessary to repair the section of pipe that is affected. This is the most cost-effective and least invasive.

Option Three: Trenchless Sewer Line Repair
We almost always recommend against this form of Sewer Line Repair. Whichever option is used, the sewer line is going to have to be at least partially dug up. This option requires only digging up a small area and install a new sleeve or "Trenchless" sewer line repair. This is the last option because it can more expensive than digging up the line and replacing it. We only suggest doing this IF there is no other way.

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