Why Is My Toilet Gurgling?

plumber riverside caWhen your toilet starts gurgling, there is some cause for concern. While it may seem like an insignificant problem, it is a sign that your plumbing is not functioning correctly. Your toilet may be gurgling for a variety of reasons:

Reverse Suction

When the toilet’s P-trap is pulled out of the bowl and into the plumbing system, it is referred to as reverse suction. This could be due to improper venting. Venting prevents other appliances to create backflow, which pulls air out of the toilet. This is what causes the gurgling sound. It is also possible that your vent is clogged. Leaves and other debris can build up in your vents over time, so it is important to clean these out.


Air escaping a clogged pipe is another source of toilet gurgles. Clogs can occur in any part of the sewer line – including your septic system. Your clog can be caused by objects flushed down the toilet, sediment, minerals, or even plant roots.

Faulty Tank Equipment

If you are hearing a gurgling noise coming from your toilet, faulty tank equipment may be to blame. The float, flapper, and full system can become worn over time, causing them to malfunction.

When your toilet is gurgling, you should call a plumber in Riverside, CA, immediately. The technicians at Professional Plumbing, Inc. can solve any issue with your toilet when you call us at 951-394-7477.